A face. A touch. A private prayer. A simple smile. Welcome to Kairos Dwelling.

The staff and volunteers of Kairos Dwelling provide housing, food, compassionate care, and emotional support for terminally ill guests, and at no expense to them or their families. Kairos is a joyful, loving place, a place for families to share their pain and grief and to say their goodbyes in a homelike environment.

Kairos Dwelling does not receive funding or reimbursement from government agencies, hospice organizations, hospitals or insurance. Complimentary care for our guests and their families is made possible by donations, fund-raising events, memorial gifts, and occasional foundation grants.

Pronounced "Ky-Rohs," meaning "God's time," Kairos Dwelling is staffed by people of various faiths and is open to all without regard to religious (or nonreligious) preference. Care at Kairos Dwelling is provided by dedicated volunteers and a small paid staff.